Pedigree chart Anna Lisa Andersdotter


Born 1789 in Locknevi Gårdspånga (H).
Anna Lisa Andersdotter.
Born 1789 in Locknevi Gårdspånga (H).

f Anders Olofsson.
Born 1751 in Odensvi, Brånfall (H).
Died 1800 in Blackstad, Backeby (H).

ff Chirstin Andersdotter.
Born 172x in Hycklinge (?).
Died 1804 in Odensvi, Brånfall (H).


fm Olof Olofsson.
Born 1719 in Odensvi, Kvigestad (H).
Died 1789-10-02 in Odensvi, Brånfall (H).

fmf Olof Nilsson.
Born 168x in Odensvi, Kvigestad (H).
Died 1742 in Odensvi, Kvigestad (H).

fmff Nils Sunesson.
Born 1654-03-08 in Odensvi, Mulestad (H).
Died 1741 in Odensvi, Brånfall (H).

fmfm Ingiäld Persdotter.
Born in Odensvi, Kvigestad (H).
Died 1728 in Odensvi, Brånfall (H).

fmm Anna Persdotter.
Born 166x in Odensvi, Ölvinge (H).
Died 1740 in Odensvi, Kvigestad (H).

fmmf Peder .

fmmm Anna Jakobsdotter.
Born 1635 in Odensvi, Gölinge (H).

m Malin Olofsdotter.
Born 1747-11-10 in Blackstad Bjerke (H).

mf Olof Samuelsson.
Born 1716 in Blackstad (H).
Died 1793 in Blackstad (H).


mm Katarina Jönsdotter.
Born 1721 in Hallingeberg (H).
Died 1807 in Blackstad (H).

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