Pedigree chart Margareta Jonsdotter


Born 1742-09-28 in Lofta (H).
Died 1809-04-09 in Lofta (H).
Margareta Jonsdotter.
Born 1742-09-28 in Lofta (H).
Died 1809-04-09 in Lofta (H).

f Jon Eriksson.
Born 1713-11-06 in Lofta (H).
Died 1776-07-16 in Lofta (H).

ff Erik Jonsson.
Born 1667.
Died 1753-08-17 in Lofta (H).


fm Margareta Larsdotter.
Born 1681.
Died 1737-03-26.


m Margareta Matsdotter.
Born 1714.
Died 1784-10-12 in Lofta (H).


Spouse(s) and children

Married Anders Svensson. Born 1731-09-21 in Lofta (H).
Died 1773-12-24 in Lofta (H).

Karin Andersdotter. Born 1766-05-09 in Lofta (H).
Died 1766-05-09 in Lofta (H).

Katrina Andersdotter. Born 1767-11-07 in Lofta (H).
Died 1767-11-07.

Kerstin Andersdotter. Born 1768-12-08 in Lofta (H).
Died 1770-01-06 in Lofta (H).

Kajsa Greta Andersdotter. Born 1774-02-11 in Lofta (H).

Stina Andersdotter. Born 1771-02-22 in Lofta (H).
Died 1820-02-14 in Gamleby (H).

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