Pedigree chart Ragnhild Jonsdotter


Born in Oppeby Kärra (E).
Died 1773 in Kättilstad Håshult (E).
Ragnhild Jonsdotter.
Born in Oppeby Kärra (E).
Died 1773 in Kättilstad Håshult (E).

f Joen Persson.
Born 163x in Oppeby Ryda (E).
Died 1721 in Oppeby Kärra (E).

ff Per Olofsson.

Died 1685-10-05 in Oppeby Ryda (E).


fm Karin Månsdotter.
Born 166x in Oppeby Ryda (E).
Died 1694 in Oppeby Ryda (E).

fmf Måns Hansson.

Died 1653.


m Elin Joensdotter.
Born 164x in Oppeby Idhult (E).
Died in Oppeby Kärra (E).

mf Joen Håkansson.
Born in Oppeby Idhult (E).
Died 1666 in Oppeby Idhult (E).

mff Håkan NN.

Died 162x.


mm Margareta Joensdotter.
Born 161x.
Died 1699 in Oppeby Idhult (E).


Spouse(s) and children

Married Per Israelsson. Born 168x in Kättilstad Gassemåla (E).
Died in Kättilstad Håshult (E).

Israel Persson. Born 1712 in Kättilstad Fjärsbo (E).
Died 1763 in Kättilstad Håshult (E).

Brita Persdotter. Born 1716 in Kättilstad (E).

Jonas Persson. Born 1720 in Kättilstad (E).

Zachris Persson. Born 1723 in Kättilstad (E).

Married Simon Johansson. Born 1701 in Kättilstad Fjärsbo (E).
Died 1775 in Kättilstad Håshult (E).

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