Pedigree chart Anna Stina Persdotter


Born 1824-04-16 in Ervalla(T). [1]
Anna Stina Persdotter.
Born 1824-04-16 in Ervalla(T). [1]


Spouse(s) and children

Married Anders Gustav Hjulström. Smed hemmansägare.
Born 1826-12-26 in Skinnskatteberg Baggå (U). [1]

Carl Gustav Hjulström. Hemmansägare Södra Backa.
Born 1858-06-26 in Grythyttan (T). [1]

Karl August Hjulström. Hemmansägare.
Born 1860-07-26 in Grythyttan (T). [1]
Died 1950-08-xx in Amnehärad Midskog (R). [1]

Anders Viktor Hjulström. Hemmansägare.
Born 1862-09-26 in Grythyttan (T). [1]

Anders Edvard Hjulström. Born 1864-11-28 in Grythyttan (T). [1]
Died 1886-08-16 in USA. [1]

Johan Teodor Hjulström. Hemmansägare.
Born 1867 in Grythyttan (T). [1]


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