Pedigree chart Anders August Månsson


Torpare, jordbruksarbetare.
Born 1834-05-23 in Hjorted, Liden under Bolhult (H).
Anders August Månsson.
Born 1834-05-23 in Hjorted, Liden under Bolhult (H).

Torpare, jordbruksarbetare.

f Magnus Måns Nilsson.
Born 1803-10-22 in Hjorted, Wittingsnäs (H). [1]

Torpare Liden.

ff Nils Månsson.
Born 1774-11-15 in Hjorted, Vittingsnäs (H). [2]


fff Måns Olofsson.
Born 1732. [3]
Died 1799 in Hjorted, Vittingsnäs (H). [4]


ffm Caisa Nilsdotter.
Born 1747 in Gladhammar. [3]


fm Maja Cajsa Nilsdotter.
Born 1775-06-15 in Hjorted, Lambotorpet (H). [5]
Died 1844-10-05 in Hjorted, Vittingsnäs (H). [6]

fmf Nils Jakobsson.
Born 1731-11-30 in Hjorted, Botorp (H). [6]
Died 1910-09-02 in Hjorted, Botorp (H). [6]


fmm Karen Jönsdotter.
Born 1734-01-31 in Hjorted (H). [6]
Died 1784-01-15 in Hjorted, Lambotorpet (H). [6]

fmmf Knut Jakobsson.
Born 1706 in Norge, Rogaland, Karmöj, Avaldsnes, Utvik. [6]

fmmm Marta Jensdatter.
Born 1708 in Norge, Rogaland, Avaldsnes, Havik. [6]
Died 1772 in Norge, Rogaland, Avaldsnes, Utvik. [6]

m Catharina Hindricsdotter.
Born 1808-04-17 in Hjorted, Högsjöhorva (H). [7]
Died 1841-05-12 in Hjorted, Kalmar län. [8]

mf Hinric Jansson.
Born 1780-02-15 in Hjorted (H). [9]
Died 1811 in Hjorted, Högsjöhorva (H). [10]

mff Johan Hinricsson.
Born 1755-09-13 in Hjorted, Ishult (H). [11]

Torpare Högsjöhorva.

mfff Hindrik Nilsson.

mffm Brita Nilsdotter.

mfm Margareta Greta Jansdotter.
Born 1745-08-25 in Hjorted, Stemmeshult (H). [12]
Died 1816-02-02 in Hjorted, Högsjöhorva (H). [13]

mfmf Johan Johansson.

mfmm Catharina Samuelsdotter.

mm Lisa Olofsdotter.
Born 1780-09-26 in Hjorted (H). [9]



1880 gift torpare Hjorted, Blankaholm, Fogeldalen med 2 barn
1890 gift jordbruksarbetare Hjorted, Dalehorfva

Spouse(s) and children

Married Helena Kristina Köler. Born 1839 in Högsby (H).

Augusta Vilhelmina Andersson. Born 1865 in Hjorted (H). [14]

Emma Kristina Andersdotter. Born 1868 in Hjorted (H). [14]


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