Pedigree chart Marit Svensdotter


Born 1804 in Gjutaregården.
Marit Svensdotter.
Born 1804 in Gjutaregården.

f Sven Pettersson.
Born 1771 in Gjutaregården.

ff Petter Gustafsson.
Born 1741 in Sunne, Gjutaregården (S).

fff Gustaf Eriksson.
Born 1699 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S).
Died 1782-02-22 in Sunne, Gjutaregården (S).

ffff Erik Olofsson Löwen.
Born about 1652 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S).



ffm Brita Persdotter.
Born 1708-05-29 in Sunne, Gjutaregården (S).
Died 1794-08-12 in Sunne, Gjutaregården (S).


Spouse(s) and children

Married .

Cajsa Olsdotter. Born 1835 in Askerud (S).

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