Pedigree chart Annika Pålsdotter


Born 1704 in Lövåsen, Sunne.

Annika Pålsdotter.
Born 1704 in Lövåsen, Sunne.

f Pål Olofsson.
Born about 1649.
Died 1749.

ff Olof Påhlsson.
Born about 1621.
Died 1710.

fff Påvel Olofsson Suhoinen.
Born about 1594 in Savuniemi, Joroinen, Finland.

ffff Olli (ohl) Grelsson Suhonen.


ffm Elin Olofsdotter.


fm Annika Larsdotter.


Spouse(s) and children

Married .

Annika Andersdotter. Born 1744 in Porte.

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