Pedigree chart Lars Håkansson


Born 1755 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S). [1]
Died 1817 in Hedåsen (S). [2]
Lars Håkansson.
Born 1755 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S). [1]
Died 1817 in Hedåsen (S). [2]

f Håkan Håkansson.
Born 1723.
Died 1793 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S). [1]


m Marit Gustafsdotter.
Born 1721 in Arnstorp (S).
Died 1799 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S). [3]

mf Gösta Israelsson.


mm Annika Danielsdotter.
Born 1695 in Sunne Lövåsen (S).

mmf Daniel Olofsson.
Born 1660 in Sunne, Lövåsen (S).

mmff Olof Påhlsson.
Born about 1621.
Died 1710.

mmfm Annika Larsdotter.

mmm Annika Larsdotter Kauttoinen.
Born in Gräsmark Ragvaldstjärn (S).


mmmm Marina Matsdotter.


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Spouse(s) and children

Married Maria Persdotter. Born 1758 in Sunne, Tomthult (S). [2]
Died 1827 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S). [4]

Karin Larsdotter. Born 1778 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S). [5]
Died 1842-01-15 in Sunne, Gjutargården (S). [6]

Lars Larsson. Born 1780 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S). [7]

Kerstin Larsdotter. Born 1883-04-14 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S). [8]
Died 1815-06-02 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S). [9]

Nils Larsson. Born 1786-06-24 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S). [1]
Died 1795 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S).

Maria Larsdotter. Born 1789-08-18 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S). [1]

Olof Larsson. Born 1793-03-04 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S). [1]

Nils Larsson. Born 1795-04-12 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S). [1]

Marit Larsdotter. Born 1898-10-22 in Sunne, Hedåsen (S). [4]
Died 1828.


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