Pedigree chart Lars Mattesson


Born 1723 in Arnstorp (S).
Lars Mattesson.
Born 1723 in Arnstorp (S).


m Gertrud Mickelsdotter.
Born 1689 in Arnstorp (S).

mf Mickel Israelsson.
Born in Arnstorp (S).

mff Israel Mickelsson.

mfff Mickel Larsson.
Born 1592.


mfm Marit Påvelsdotter.

mfmf Påvel Olofsson Suhoinen.
Born about 1594 in Savuniemi, Joroinen, Finland.

mfmm Elin Olofsdotter.


Spouse(s) and children

Married .

Olof Larsson. Born 1761 in Arnstorp (S).

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