Pedigree chart Maja Stina Carlsdotter


Born 1811-11-03 in Frödinge Flugenäs (H).
Maja Stina Carlsdotter.
Born 1811-11-03 in Frödinge Flugenäs (H).


Spouse(s) and children

Married 1831 Lars Andersson. Born 1800-02-02 in Tuna Syserum Stora Mantebo (H).
Died 1849-03-10.

Bror Johan August Larsson. Born 1847-02-08 in Frödinge Kroksfall Lårtorpet (H).
Died 1886-12-04.

Anders Petter Larsson. Born 1833-09-26.

Carl Johan Larsson. Born 1835-01-02.

Lars Erik Larsson. Born 1838-08-24.

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