Pedigree chart Carl Harald Anderson


Born 1908-12-05.
Died 1976-07-17.
Carl Harald Anderson.
Born 1908-12-05.
Died 1976-07-17.

f Karl Oskar Andersson.
Born 1885-09-20 in Hallingeberg, Nagelstad (H). [1]
Died 1968-11-04.

ff Johan Peter Anton Andersson.
Born 1859-07-02 in Hjorted Rumhult (H). [2]
Died 1901-02-21 in Gladhammar, Tjursbo (H). [3]

fff Anders Peter Jaensson Jansson.
Born 1829-11-03 in Locknevi, Ytterbo (H). [4]
Died 1916-12-10 in Hjorted, Rumhult (H). [5]

ffff Johan Jaen Jaensson Johansson.
Born 1793-08-16 in Frödinge, Lårtorpet (H). [6]
Died 1871-03-11 in Locknevi. Ytterbo, Ängalund (H). [7]
Brukare, arbetare.

fffm Stina Carlsdotter.
Born 1802-09-05 in Frödinge, Svartgölen (H). [8]
Died 1835-07-17 in Locknevi, Ytterbo (H). [9]

ffm Anna Lovisa Månsdotter.
Born 1829-09-13 in Hjorted Bolhult Liden (H). [10]
Died 1905-03-02 in Hjorted, Rumhult (H). [10]

ffmf Magnus Måns Nilsson.
Born 1803-10-22 in Hjorted, Wittingsnäs (H). [11]

Torpare Liden.

ffmm Catharina Hindricsdotter.
Born 1808-04-17 in Hjorted, Högsjöhorva (H). [12]
Died 1841-05-12 in Hjorted, Kalmar län. [10]

fm Anna Sofia Johansdotter.
Born 1863-03-29 in Hjorted, Nyängen (H). [13]
Died 1934-01-26 in Gladhammar Hvalstad (H). [10]

fmf Johan Petter Persson.
Born 1828-10-18 in Hallingeberg N, Hummelstad (H). [14]
Died 1873-07-07 in Hjorted, Bresfall (H). [15]
Hemmansbrukare, torpare.

fmff Petter Andersson.
Born 1784-06-12 in Västrum, Gunnarsmåla (H).
Died 1854-03-24 in Hallingeberg N, Hummelstad (H). [16]
Bonde Hummelstad.

fmfm Stina Kajsa Johansdotter.
Born 1792-05-27 in Hallingeberg, Kalmar län.
Died 1850-05-07 in Hummelstad, Hallingeberg, Kalmar län.

fmm Anna Lovisa Nilsdotter.
Born 1832-03-06 in Hjorted, Nyängen (H). [17]
Died 1917-02-17 in Gladhammar, Ulriksdal (H). [18]

fmmf Nils Persson.
Born 1794-04-25 in Hjorted, Nyängen (H). [19]
Died 1862-10-11 in Hjorted, Nyängen (H). [20]

fmmm Anna Larsdotter.
Born 1800-06-27 in Hjorted Liden (H). [21]
Died 1888-10-12 in Hjorted Nyängen (H).

m Elin Maria Carlsson.
Born 1890-02-22 in Sandsnäs, Hjorted.
Died 1970-07-03.


Spouse(s) and children

Married Marion L. Olson.


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