Pedigree chart Albin Gustaf Carlsson


Born 1885-05-07 in Hultsjö, Småland.
Albin Gustaf Carlsson.
Born 1885-05-07 in Hultsjö, Småland.


Spouse(s) and children

Married 1908-10-20 Hildur Sofia Andersson. Born 1887-10-29 in Blackstad, Bjärka (H). [1]
Died 1974-01-26.

Harold N. Carlsson. Born 1910-11-07.
Died 1966-05-10.

Ruby Elisa Carlsson. Born 1912-09-17.

Milford A Carlsson. Born 1916-01-21.
Died 1991.

Herbert G Carlsson. Born 1926-01-14.
Died 1992-12-...


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