Pedigree chart Selma Alfrida Carlsson


Born 1881-01-13 in Skönberga (E).
Selma Alfrida Carlsson.
Born 1881-01-13 in Skönberga (E).

f Anders Gustaf Karlsson.
Born 1841 in Skönberga (E).



m Emma Amalia Narbom.
Born 1850 in Ringarum (E).


Spouse(s) and children

Married Johan Werner Johansson Andersson. Born 1883-08-25 Hallingeberg, Nagelstad (H).
Died 1957-05-26 in Omaha Nebraska USA.

Elsa Anderson. Born 1907-04-12.

Elmer Anderson. Born 1909-04-19.

Elvira Anderson. Born 1911-03-28.
Died 1974-01-26.

Edwin Anderson. Born 1913-03-21.
Died 1963-09-18.

Einar Anderson. Born 1915-01-16.
Died 1932?.

Erik Anderson. Born 1917-07-22.
Died 1942-12-03 in Pearl Harbor, Nord Amerika.

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