Pedigree chart Anders Andersson


Born 1819-09-16 in Sollerön (W).
Anders Andersson.
Born 1819-09-16 in Sollerön (W).

f Anders Mårtensson Hellsing.
Born 1787-10-05 in Sollerön, Rothagen (W).
Died 1834-03-10 in Lit, Nyby (Z).
soldat in Sollerön, Kopparbergs län.
nybyggare in Nyby, Lit, Jämtlands län.

ff Mårten Nilsson.


fm Anna Andersdotter.


m Anna Andersdotter.
Born 1793-12-05 in Sollerön, Utanmyra (W).
Died 1883-09-20 in Lit, Nyby (Z).

mf Anders Olsson.
Born 1756.
Died 1822.


mm Anna Andersdotter.
Born 1768.
Died 1820-05-12.



1880 gift förmånstagare Nyby

Spouse(s) and children

Married 1843-01-22 in Lit, Nyby (Z) Ingeborg Persdotter. Born 1819-12-23 in Sollerön, Bengtsarvet (W).

Anna Andersdotter. Born 1843 in Lit, Nyby (Z).

Ingeborg Andersdotter. Born 1846 in Lit, Nyby (Z).

Karin Andersdotter. Born 1849 in Lit, Nyby (Z).

Sofia Andersdotter. Born 1851 in Lit, Nyby (Z).

Per Andersson. Born 1856 in Lit, Nyby (Z).

Anders Andersson. Born 1856 in Lit, Nyby (Z).
Died 1857.

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